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From those who can, for those who can’t

Who is Skip Rowland?”

Skip RowlandPersonal

  • I was born in Richmond and raised in rural Virginia.
  • I earned my BBA from William & Mary in ’83. (Concentration in marketing, but took lots of English and CompSci)
  • My wife of 28 years, Nina, earned her BA from Delaware and her JD from Temple.
  • Our children are attending the College (’18 & ’20).
  • We live in Hanover County (just outside of Richmond, about an hour from Williamsburg) with our rescued pets.
  • Professional Development

  • I worked in various sales and marketing positions for a number of years after college.
  • I have been self-employed since ’87 (except for a 9-month misadventure working for someone else).
  • I built a database consulting company that served government, corporations, large and small businesses.
  • I started working as a full-time photojournalist in 2005 and have won numerous awards from the Virginia Press Association, including a Photographer of the Year recognition.
  • My Professional Relationship with William & Mary

  • I have been handling editorial and portrait assignments for W&M Magazine since 2005.
  • I have been handling event work for the College since 2006. (This will be my 13th homecoming for the College.)
  • I have been working for or with nearly every entity that comprises the university, including but not limited to: the President’s Office, the Provost’s Office, the Muscarelle, the School of Education, the School of Business, the School of Arts & Sciences, the Office of Advancement, the Alumni Association, Creative Services, Historic Campus, Swem Library, the 50th Legacy, and the Society of 1918.
  • I have been, in addition to providing photography for the College, training and mentoring student photographers.
  • Skip Rowland Photography

  • We are a full-service photography agency.
  • We are equipped to professionally handle nearly every type of photography assignment.
  • We are digital darkroom experts.
  • We are digital asset management experts.
  • We offer consulting and mentoring services.
  • We tailor our deliveries to our client’s needs, whether that means prints, un-processed out-of-camera files, or publication-ready images.
  • We can set up our portable studio nearly anywhere to shoot anything from headshots to full-body portraits.
  • We can make formal group photosimage and very large group photos.
  • We can deliver prints within minutes with our on-site printing service.
  • For the College

  • I am committed to serving higher education.
  • I will only show the College in its best light.
  • I am not an employee, this is not a job. This is my life, this is my passion!
  • I will, as long as I am able, continue to serve the College and its mission.
  • For the Future

    I operate under the following mantras:

  • From those who can, for those who can’t.
  • Everything we do is in support of making positive changes
    in our community, country, and world.
  • We strive to be the best value decision anyone can make.

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