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The Fate of Humanity

I truly believe the fate of humanity rests with higher education.

Yes, that might sound over the top, but when you consider the world we live in today and how out of control we are in terms of our ability to prevent man-made disasters, respond to them, let alone respond to natural disasters, we are on the brink of ending life as we know it.

Maybe not today or tomorrow, but within our lifetimes we are going to see drastic changes to our world. There is not a single system that is at risk: political, economic, ecological, just to name a few.

The only hope is to educate young people, first starting with those who will become leaders, policy makers, and teachers.

And that is why we are committed to supporting higher education. We are taking the long view, concerning ourselves more with what is good for the world we live in rather than what’s in it for us.

Your support of WMPix allows us to do what we do, and we thank you for that!