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What You Need to Know

The first thing is for you to know just how much we appreciate you’re being here! We are completely indebted to you because, without your support, we would not be able to do what we do for our College.

The second this is just what this is all about: Mission critical support of higher education!

Every dollar that comes in that doesn’t go into business operations goes back to the College in form of tuition or gifts. We believe that the fate of humanity hinges on education and that starts here, with our educating the next generation of leaders, teachers, and doers and we are completely committed to doing whatever we can to helping William & Mary in its mission.

What We Know

We know you have choices. There are plenty of photographers out there. That’s why we do everything we can to be the best choice.
We only use and maintain professional grade gear
We are fully insured
We are keenly aware of budget considerations and work hard to maintain fair and reasonable professional rates
We are fully committed to best practices for operations, workflows, and delivery
We are experts in digital image manipulation and digital asset management

In addition to handling photography assignments,
We offer enhanced post-processing services
We make prints (any size, any media)
We offer consulting services
We provide training and mentoring to numerous students and organizations
We support a number of initiatives and programs

Again, we can only do what we do because of your support.