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The Details


We shoot people, one at a time or in large groups.

We can shoot people as they are, where they are or we can set up our portable studio to shoot 5-light portraits.

Our images appear on corporate websites, in glossy magazine articles, on desks, on living room and office walls, and everywhere in between.

We can shoot groups as small as two or well over 100.

We are quick, painless, and reasonably-priced.

Whether you need a headshot, an environmental portrait for editorial purposes, a group photo for your department, or a family portrait for your wall, we can take care of you.


We started out as photojournalists, shooting for newspapers and magazines. We still do that, routinely providing coverage for W&M Magazine, Creative Services, and the Office of Advancement. If you have a story to tell and need artwork to illustrate it, give us a call.


We are event photography experts and your complete satisfaction is our primary focus.

We don’t just show up and shoot: we work with you ahead of time to make sure your expectations will be met.

We deliver a large number of usable images

We deliver quickly

We tell the story of your event with complete coverage


We love this place! Sooner or later, we’re going to photograph everything on this campus, one way or another.


Some things matter more than others. When it matters, call us. When you need a good group photo, a nice podium shot, a nice gift shot, call us. When you have an important event or an important guest, don’t leave it up to chance. Don’t risk the moment, hoping somebody is going to get something with their cell phone. Call us.

And, if you have a regular photographer, that’s fine, too. Just think of us as your back up, just in case the other photographer can’t make it.


We have been delivering the images for over 13 years. We’ve handled just about every type of assignment possible and have shot in just about every venue and building on campus. Even if you have something new for us, we’ve got the skills, experience, and equipment necessary to capture the images you need.

It starts with a simple conversation to discuss what you need, when you need it, and your budget. We can work under just about any constraints, as long as we’re all on the same page in terms of expectations.